The Bar

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In the world of cocktails where New York leads the rest follow.

Walk through the doors of the landmarked United Charities Building and you’ll be greeted by our wraparound brass topped bar. Thoughtfully and elegantly restored, our bar is a place of merry refuge for booze and food lovers alike. Settle in and sip on signature cocktails and playful remakes (we’ve ignored that adage – ‘Don’t f**k with a classic!’). Enjoy delicious bar snacks, dry-aged steaks, local brews and exceptional wines.

On both sides of the Atlantic, our bars are home to a team of talented bartenders, self-confessed cocktail-geeks whose passion for mixology is infinite. It’s what has earned us the title of two-time winner of Best International Restaurant Bar at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Our cocktail menu is the result of several years of planning by our Head of Drinks, Liam Davy and New York Bar Manager, Adam Montgomerie. A carefully curated list of seemingly simple cocktails that belie the hours of research and technique that has gone into them. Every drink lovingly poured is made with our secret ingredient, sprezzatura – an old Italian word meaning ‘concealed artistry’.

The new section – 50 Years of NYC Bar Life – is an ode to iconic New York drinks from decades past, including Night Nurse (a tribute to the Penicillin),with peated Scotch, fresh turmeric, honey and ginger ale. Harking back to the 1970s,there’s the Wallflower – a sweet and sharp concoction of tequila, orange, jasmine, lemon and clarified milk punch. Fast forward 20 years to our version of a Dirty Vodka Martini, made from a moreish mix of olive oil infused vodka, celery and olive brine. Just some of the great libations that await you…

And to complement our compendium of drinks, Executive Head Chef, Matt Brown, and Executive Chef Matt Bernero have created the ultimate bar menu. Tuck into Bone marrow oysters and Ruben nuggets (an homage to the city’s iconic sandwich), Potted beef and bacon with Yorkshires and onion gravy, a Lobster roll doused in warm garlic butter, and the almighty Hawksmoor cheeseburger. Need we say more?

We’ll save you a seat at the bar.

Find the full menu, including Hawksmoor Classics and an array of drinks all featuring local-NY ingredients, here.


Full Fat Old Fashioned

Nothing is new. When one of our bartenders heard about ‘fat washing’ back in 2010 they thought they’d discovered a new technique of molecular alchemy. Take a spirit and mix it with fat until the liquid takes on its flavor, then chill to coagulate the fat and strain it out.

We brown butter, fat wash Elijah Craig bourbon with it, and add a hint of rye whiskey for an extra kick. It’s remained on our menu for over a decade and is a fan favorite. It warms you up from the inside out and is a decadent way to start celebrating this holiday season.