Hawksmoor Becomes a B-Corp

We just received news and thought we’d share it with you – news that we are now certified as a B Corp.

First up, what is a B Corp?

A global kitemark awarded by B Lab who audits and measures the social and environmental impact of a business. And it’s a high bar. There are only 15 restaurant groups in the world that have met the grade so far, and we are the first steakhouse.

Why should you care?

You may well not. We want you to enjoy Hawksmoor for the food, drink, the wonderful people, and the beautiful room. But it probably can’t hurt to know that behind the scenes we also work pretty hard to leave a positive mark in the communities in which we open and beyond.

Why do we care?

When we started out 16 years ago in London, we wanted to start a restaurant and a business we could be proud of, doing things with integrity and having a positive impact. In an industry that, at that time, often fell short. It feels good to be held to account and clear the bar, especially after the last few years.

Why did we get it?

We’ve been working away on a range of things over the years and along the way have become the only restaurant group recognized as one of the UK’s best places to work by Best Companies for over a decade, founder members and holders of maximum 3-stars from the Sustainable Restaurants Association and the world’s first carbon neutral steak restaurant group. We’ve also helped raise £3 million for charities doing great (bud sadly necessary) things in the UK and around the world.

What now?

We keep on trying to do things better, and not only because B Corps involves a commitment to constant improvement, and need to be re-certified every three years. Here in New York, our partnerships with Citymeals on Wheels, and the Billion Oyster Project are just the beginning.  We want to support the industry we love, happy in the knowledge that many other restaurant companies are already doing amazing things and will hopefully get the B Corp nod before too long as well. 

Really, we want to send out a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you.  Without all of you, we’d have stumbled into restaurant oblivion many moons ago and none of this would have been possible.

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