Hawksmoor x Dominique Ansel  

On day one of Hawksmoor in New York, a friend walked in who we’ve admired for years … and Dominique Ansel would go on to become one of our beloved regulars.     

Since then, over the occasional Steak, Martini, Cronut or DKA we’ve talked about the possibility of a collaboration. Enter Matt Brown, our Group Executive Chef and former Head Chef of not one but two restaurants with three Michelin stars.    

The pair chatted, puzzled and pondered, and (after finally locking them into a kitchen together!) conjured up the mighty Short Rib en Croûte.  

Hawksmoor’s low-and-slow braised Bone-in short rib is baked in a pillowy blanket of Ansel’s flaky laminated brioche dough topped with rosemary and Maldon Sea salt so tender you can slide out the bone and either pour bone marrow gravy inside or dip into the warm gravy with each bite.    

Last month, the Bone-In Short Rib en Croûte was launched exclusively at the Dominique Ansel Workshop in Flatiron (17 E 27th Street), and they flew out the door.   

So, by popular demand, they’re traveling from Dominique Ansel Workshop in Flatiron to us at Hawksmoor in Gramercy Park.   

Grab yours exclusively in our bar from 5 pm daily between February 7 to 14.  

Remember, though, we’re only doing a super-limited run daily, so you’ll have to be quick.  

Walk-ins only.