Image of beef cattle

Climate change and a biodiversity catastrophe are two of the biggest challenges that we face. Consequently, how we think about food, agriculture and meat as consumers has never been more important. 

We think it’s imperative to differentiate between livestock systems that are part of the problem and those that are part of the solution. For years we’ve talked about rearing cattle the way young children believe it to happen: living in fields in family groups, eating grass, and being taken care of by farmers who focus on their welfare and the quality of the beef they produce. We believe there should be minimal interference – no steroids or hormones, no feedlots, no intensive grain diet, no deforestation, no land clearance. We believe following these simple principles lead to the best possible life for the animal, the most flavorful beef, and the most positive impact on the environment. 

We’ve spent over five years criss-crossing the country looking for American farmers and ranchers who are doing exactly this. We’re really proud to support them. Without a market for beef raised on pasture, which helps sequester carbon back into the land and restore its fertility, farmers have no financial incentive to do things the right way.

In short, we believe Hawksmoor, which has the maximum *** rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, is part of the solution. If we had one bit of advice for people who want to make ethical decisions about their diet and its agricultural impact on the planet it would be simple:

When it comes to meat: eat less, but eat better.